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Company formation

In order to form and register a company in Bangladesh name clearance with necessary application in prescribed form has to be submitted to the concerned authorities of the Government for obtaining permission/approvals. The steps for formation of the company or foreign company in Bangladesh are broadly outlined. For details please contact us.


Setting up Branch Office

In order to establish your branch office in Bangladesh, necessary application in prescribed form and supporting documents and evidences have to be submitted to the concerned authorities of the Government for obtaining permission/approvals.



Business can also be conducted in Bangladesh by forming a partnership as per Partnership Act 1932. Persons entering into partnership with one another are called individually and collectively a firm. Agreement by which partnership is entered, needs to be registered on payment of requisite fee. Partnership firm is registered with the RJSC by submitting prescribed forms with requisite information. Partners are liable for their respective tax as per the prevailing rate fixed for individual.


Proprietorship Business

Any individual by obtaining a Trade License from the concerned City Corporation/Municipality may also conduct business without forming any legal entity. Tax is payable as per the prevailing rate fixed for individual.



Any individual/entity may act on behalf of its principal. Relationship between the principal and the agent would be governed by the agreement executed between them. Agent will be required to obtain permission from Bangladesh Bank under Section 18A of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947 in order to act or accept appointment to act as agent in the trading or commercial transactions of a foreigner or of a company not incorporated under the laws of Bangladesh.


Enlisting Joint Venture Interest

The Government of Bangladesh encourages foreign investment both in the form of 100% foreign ownership and joint venture. Joint ventures could be formed in any combination of equity participation (from 1% to 100%).


If you would like us to examine your particular situation and assist you in applying for Company Formation and Registration, it is possible to arrange an appointment by telephone or e-mail for detailed consultation. Please contact us.

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