Success of U.S. IR-1 Immigrant Visa

I am a Bangladeshi Native born in Comilla. I am a spouse of U.S. Citizen. I appeared for U.S. IR-1 Immigrant Visa interview at U.S. Embassy in Dhaka. After interview the Visa Officer refused my visa application under section 221(g) and kept my visa application pending under "Administrative Processing" for more than 20 months. I contact with U.S. Embassy, Dhaka but they send me common format response without showing any reason of refusal and administrative pending. At that time, I was truly frustrated. Later, I came to know Barrister M. R. I. Chowdhury, USA Immigration Specialist Lawyer from his previous client who has successfully obtained his Immigrant Visa through him. I contacted with Barrister Chowdhury. He then successfully disposed my case and finally I got immigrant visa in my hand. I would strongly recommend other clients to Barrister M. R. I. Chowdhury as I have found him extraordinary, research based and only U.S Immigration Specialist Lawyer in Bangladesh.






Abdulla Al Naim

Comilla, Bangladesh