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The Danish Green Card scheme allows you to live and work in Denmark if you can score enough points based upon criteria such as age, language skills, work experience, and education. If you score at least 100 points, you can obtain a residence permit. In addition, you will be able to bring your immediate family along.

As well as scoring 100 points, you must have a valid health insurance policy and be able to provide proof that you can support yourself and your family while you look for work in Denmark.

The Danish Green Card Points Based System

Under the Danish Green Card scheme, points are score under five areas: Education, Language Skills, Work Experience, Adaptability, and Age. It is also possible to score a number of bonus points for various factors.



Full review of your own financial & employment history
Consultation with our Denmark Green Card Specialist Lawyer
Comprehensive checklist of required documents for applicant
Professional and accurate preparation of your valuable Green Card support documents and application documents as itemized and  required by the Danish Immigration Authority and Sweden Embassy responsible for Denmark Green Card Scheme in Bangladesh
Submission of your application with proper supporting documentation/evidences to the proper government agencies in Denmark
Careful preparation of all correspondence with Danish Immigration Authority/Sweden Embassy/Government agencies
Expert advice on how to handle yourself during the interview


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