Dual Citizenship

USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Schengen Citizens of Bangladeshi origin (by birth) and their children may apply for a Dual Nationality Certificate. On receipt, our firm after necessary processing, forwards the application with supporting documents to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka for subsequent action. After issuance, the Ministry of Home Affairs sends the certificate(s) for delivery to the applicant(s). Our firm also arranges to receive the certificate on your behalf from Ministry of Home Affairs if you give us Letter of Authorization or Power of Attorney. We can also inform our clients when the certificates are received from Dhaka.


If you temporarily resides in Bangladesh, you may submit the application through us to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka.


A complete set of application for dual nationality certificate and all other required documents have to be submitted in three complete sets. Incomplete application may result in delay in the processing of the case.


If you would like us to examine your particular situation and assist you in applying for dual citizenship, it is possible to arrange an appointment by telephone or e-mail for detailed consultation. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail at visacounsel@gmail.com


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