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Australia Visas


Australian Tourist Visa

If you plan to visit Australia for holiday its important to familiarize yourself with the Tourist visa application requirements and procedure to be able to obtain a tourist visa successfully.

Australian tourist visas are classified into:

1) 6-month single-entry tourist visa
2) 1-year multiple-entry tourist visa

The main requirements for the visa application have something to do with strong financial, economical and social ties of the applicant(s) in Bangladesh which are the compelling reasons the applicants coming back after his/her allowed visit in Australia.

These can be in the form of the following:

However, if you are going to Australia under the sponsorship of an Australian citizen who is your fianc, friend, relative and the like, your sponsor would have to furnish documents supporting your application. These include:

1. Proof of accommodation
2. Proof of relationship with the applicant being sponsored
3. Proof of stable financial position

Australian Tourist Visa Package by our Firm

We offer:

☯   Professional Consultation
☯   Thorough evaluation of the applicants economic and social ties to Bangladesh
☯   Comprehensive list of the required documents for the visa applicant and for the sponsor (if any)
☯   Assistance with collecting the required documents
☯   Professional preparation of the visa application papers and supporting documents
☯   Interview training
☯   Visa application results update

Our Firm is delighted to assist you with your foreign Visa applications such as AUSTRALIAN tourist visas. Our team of experienced and professional associates can walk you through the visa application process and ensure the successful acquisition of your Australian tourist visa. Feel free to contact us or visit our office and avail our free consultation service.

AUSTRALIAN Fianc/ Fiance Visa

Bangladeshi fianc/fiance of Australian Nationals can apply for a fianc/ fiance visa to be able to go to Australia and get married there with his/her Australian fianc/fiance. After consummating the marriage within the validity period of the visa, the foreign fianc/ fiance can extend his/her in Australia by adjusting his/her immigration status into a temporary spouse. This allows the foreign spouse to stay in Australia indefinitely.


The foreign fianc/ fiance shall meet the following requirements for the visa application:
1. is single or free to marry
2. no criminal records
3. in good health
4. show proof of genuine relationship with the Aus fianc/ fiance

The Australian fianc/ fiance, on the other hand, needs to meet the following requirements:

1. be an Australian National or AUS PR holder
2. show proof of accommodation
3. show proof of financial capability
4. show proof of genuine relationship with the Aus fianc

Australian Fianc Visa Package

We will be delighted to assist you with your fianc/ fiance visa application to Australia through our comprehensive package as follows:

We offer:

☯   Consultation
☯   Comprehensive list of the required documents from the visa applicant and from the sponsor
☯   Assistance with collecting the required documents
☯   Assistance with obtaining a police report for the fianc/ fiance
☯   Assistance with medical check-up for the fianc/ fiance
☯   Professional Preparation of the visa application papers and supporting documents
☯   Interview training
☯   Update on the developments and results of the visa application

Your dream of bringing your Bangladeshi fianc/ fiance to settle with you in Australia is a life time commitment and therefore, demands careful planning. To avoid unnecessary immigration hassles for the visa application, its best to enlist the services of a good visa firm to assist you.

Our firm has a team of Immigration Specialist Lawyer specializing in Australian Visas such as Family Visit Visa, Student visa, Fianc Visa or Spouse Visa. Please contact us by telephone or send us e-mail at [email protected] for our free consultation service.

Note and Disclaimer: Immigration law is often complex in nature with different eligibility and filing requirements. The material on this page and the other pages of this web site is general and for informational purposes only. The eligibility and filing requirements may be changed in future. It is not intended to replace the advice and counsel of a lawyer, and you should not rely on it solely when making decisions about your immigration status.

If you would like us to examine your particular situation and assist you in preparation of various documents as required by immigration authority concerned, it is possible to arrange an Appointment by telephone or e-mail for detailed consultation. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail at [email protected].


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