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In Bangladesh Notary Public is known as an Officer who is licensed by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh to perform functions such as the authentication of signatures or documents, and the witnessing of affidavits or statements of persons under oath. Notarization of a document is important as the act of notarization itself creates a guarantee on the authenticity of the document, or to the act of the signatories to the instrument. Our Law Firm's Founder and Chief Consular-at-law Barrister M. Rafiqul Islam Chowdhury is a Notary Public for whole of Bangladesh appointed by the Government of Bangladesh.

Notary service is often required in Bangladesh especially by institutions such as Embassies, Banks, Schools, Government or Private organizations, etc or even an individual person to verify the authenticity in both form and substance of documents being presented or submitted. This includes the verification of the actual and personal execution of the notary by a lawyer to the identified person. Examples of documents commonly notarized are bank statements, copy of land title deed, contracts, power of attorney, deeds of sales, academic documents, etc.

Our Notary Related Work & Services

Notarize Child Adoption agreements

☯ Notarize Birth certificates, passports, ID cards

☯ Notarize Financial statements, powers of attorney

☯ Notarize Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, wills, death certificates, inheritance and donation papers

☯ Notarize Diplomas and academic transcripts High School/College/University

☯ Notarize Driver licenses

☯ Notarize Medical statements/records, health cards, immunization records

☯ Notarize Criminal records, depositions, police reports, security clearances, court orders, judgments

☯ Affidavit & Notarization of No impediment to marriage, parent’s consents

☯ Affidavit & Notarization of Notarize Name change certificates

☯ Affidavit & Notarization of Name/Date of Birth Change/Rectification

☯ Employment records, recommendation letters

☯ Correspondences

☯ Notarize Legal contracts, real estate lease and property papers, etc.

☯ Administration of oaths and affirmation

☯ Affidavit / Declaration 

☯ Statutory Declaration & Notarization

☯ Sponsorship Declaration relating to Visa / Immigration

☯ Affidavit of Financial Support for Visa / Immigration 

☯ Notarial Certificate  


Our online affidavit service is designed to simplify the preparation and verification process for Bangladeshi visa applicants. Here’s how it works:

1. Complete Our Online Affidavit Information Form: Begin by filling out our user-friendly online form with the necessary details about your affidavit. This form is designed to capture all relevant information accurately.

Affidavit of Financial Sponsorship, Undertaking and Relationship for Visa Applicants
Affidavit for Name / Date of Birth / Age / Place of Birth / Address OR Any Information Correction
Affidavit for Name / Place of Birth / Address OR Any Information Change
Affidavit Regarding Date of Birth / Age
Affidavit for One and Same Person / Short Form of Name
Affidavit Regarding Unmarried Certificate for Visa / Immigration / Other Purpose
2. Review and Payment Confirmation: Once you submit the form, our team will review your information. After confirming your payment, our enlisted lawyer and notary public will prepare a draft of your affidavit.
3. Draft Review: You will receive a Google Doc link to the draft of your affidavit on your WhatsApp number. You have up to three opportunities to review the draft and suggest any necessary changes. This ensures that the affidavit meets all your requirements and is accurate.                                                                                                                       

4. Approval and Finalization: After you approve the draft, our enlisted lawyer and notary public will print your affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper as required by law.

5. Execution of Affidavit: As the deponent(s), you will need to appear in person at the Notary Public's office in either Chattogram or Dhaka to sign and execute your affidavit.

Advantages of Online Affidavit Service

Using our online affidavit service provides several benefits:

- Convenience: The entire preparation process can be handled online, saving you time and reducing the need for multiple in-person visits.

- Prepared by Enlisted Lawyer of the Foreign Embassy: Our are expert and experienced enlisted lawyers and notaries of the Foreign Embassy ensure that your affidavit is prepared accurately, reducing the chances of errors that could delay your visa application.

- Global Accessibility: Your notarized affidavit can be easily verified by any recipient, including visa officers, from anywhere in the world by scanning the QR code on the affidavit. This enhances the credibility and authenticity of your document.

Increasing Your Visa Success Chances

An accurately prepared by our expert and experienced enlisted lawyer and notary public of the foreign embassy and easily verifiable affidavit can significantly improve your chances of a successful visa application. Visa and Immigration officers and other recipients can verify the authenticity of your affidavit instantly, ensuring that your documentation meets all necessary legal standards.

Online Electronic Notary (E-Notary)

In today’s world of globalization, technology and the internet it is difficult for any organization or profession to remain in a ‘pen and paper’ based world when it comes to the running of their organization or profession. The role of the Notary Public is no different. At present documents that require a notary stamp and seal are manually stamped and verified. Our Law Firm's Founder Barrister M. R. I. Chowdhury is the First and Sole Inventor of Online E-Notarization System and Platform in Bangladesh.

☯ Online Electronic Notarization (E-Notarization) System and Service are a process where you can notarize your documents online electronically within minutes.
☯ One of the methods employed by E-Notarization is the use of a Digital and Electronic signature, electronic notary seals to notarize electronic documents and validate with a digital signature certificate.

The only differences between traditional / Manual Notary and Online Electronic Notary (E-notary) are the tools that are involved. All notarial acts remain the same except the introduction of digital and electronic signature, electronic notary seals / stamps, and Two way live Audio-Video notarial session and use of e-notarization tools and technology. Personal appearance, positive identification and required notarial acts are still utilized with online notarization.

You can notarize or attest any document through new innovative online digital platform ( intended to take effect in any country or place outside Bangladesh in such form and language as may conform to the law of the place where such deed is intended to operate.

Is Online Electronic Notarization (E-Notarization) Service legal in Bangladesh?

Yes! Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006 prevailing in Bangladesh which is the key foundation of Digital Bangladesh authorizes Digital / Electronic Signature, Seal / Images and Electronic Record as admissible evidence. Therefore, enlisted Notary Publics of Notarybd Services ( can notarize / attest any document, administer oath or take affidavit from any person regardless of location in a defined manner using Digital and Electronic Signature, Electronic Notary Seal, two-way live Audio-video virtual notarial session's technology which is legal and valid.

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