Approval of U.S. Visa refused/pending u/s 221(g) “Administrative Processing”

I am a Bangladeshi native born in Basurhat Pouroshova, Companigonj, Noakhali, Bangladesh. I was the beneficiary/Brother of U.S. Citizen. After interview my F4 Immigrant Visa application was denied under section 221(g) stating “Administrative Processing” and remained pending close to 12 months. I then retained Barrister M. Rafiqul Islam Chowdhury, well-renowned U.S. Immigration Lawyer in Bangladesh and within a couple of weeks, me and my family received immigrant visas and were reunited with sibling in U.S. Barrister Chowdhury is extremely knowledgeable about immigration law. I have referred many clients to him. He is friendly and easy to work with, and clients see results quickly when he is retained. I also believe his fees are reasonable.

Fakhru Uddin
Basurhat Pouroshova
Companigonj, Noakhali, Bangladesh