Review approval of  U.S. B1/B2 Visit Visa Refusal

I am a Bangladeshi native born in Chittagong. I am a businessman of Chittagong, Bangladesh. I visited 5 times in U.S. under B1/B2 (Visit) Visa and during my last visit I spent more than 4 months but less than 6 months. When I applied to receive a new visa, I was denied under Section 214(b) due to spending too much time in the US and it was unclear how I was supporting myself. Because, I was not given a chance to submit any supporting documents during my visa interview. There was another issue about overdue of medical bill while my wife delivering a new born baby in U.S. My Attorney M. R. I. Chowdhury prepared documentation evidencing my professional, social financial and family ties in Bangladesh and then submitted a formal review application quoting the point of immigration law and reminded the U.S. Embassy, Dhaka that I did not overstayed and I have excellent travel track record. I am financially sound and paid medical bill. The U.S. Embassy, Dhaka apologized for its misunderstanding and erroneous findings. The Embassy welcome me to re-apply for visa. Finally, me, my wife and my child received new B1/B2 five (5) years multi-entry visas. Thank you very, very much Barrister Chowdhury. May god bless you and yours with great success!
Admiration and Gratitude. I will certainly refer clients to him.

Mohammed Juber Alam
Chittagong, Bangladesh.