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Whether its a visit visa or Settlement visa to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Schengen countries, its important to be familiar with the visa application requirements and procedures to be able to obtain a foreign visa with flying colors. Enlisting the services of foreign visa experts is a good way of ensuring the success of your visa application.

☯ USA Visit Visa

☯ UK Visit Visa

☯ Canada Visit Visa

☯ Australia Visit Visa

☯ Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, India Visit Visa

☯ Schengen countries Visit Visa

The following 25 countries are Schengen Visa members:

☯   Austria

☯   Belgium

☯   Czech Republic

☯   Denmark

☯   Estonia

☯   Finland

☯   France

☯   Germany

☯   Greece

☯   Hungary

☯   Iceland

☯   Italy

☯   Latvia

☯ Lithuania

☯ Luxembourg

☯ Malta

☯ Netherlands

☯ Norway

☯ Poland

☯ Portugal

☯ Slovakia

☯ Slovenia

☯ Spain

☯ Sweden

☯ Switzerland

If you wish to obtain your visa to any country listed above with hassle free, we would be glad to assist you with the visa application process.


☯ Consultation our Visit Visa Specialist Lawyer

☯ Comprehensive checklist on the required documents for visa applicant

☯ Assistance with collecting the required documents

☯ Assistance with Hotel and Tour Itinerary/ Package Reservation etc.

☯ Assistance for Business/ Professional Invitation

☯ Preparation of necessary visa support documents and the Visa application papers for the embassy/ high commission/ consulate

☯ Assistance with Air Ticket Reservation

☯ Assistance with Marriage Certificate

☯ Assistance with Travel Insurance, Medical Checkup

☯ Provide possible visa interview questions and answer, interview training and guideline.

☯ Constant update about the whereabouts of the visa application and the results.

If you would like us to examine your particular situation and assist you in applying for Visit Visa, it is possible to arrange an appointment by telephone or e-mail for detailed consultation. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail at [email protected]


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